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Beginning in August 2012, the PeaceMeal Project will be convening an online course through the National Peace Academy!  It is part of the NPA’s National Peacebuilding Peacelearning Certificate Program, and can count toward the completion of a certificate.

PeaceMeal: Cultivating Peace Through Food

Dates: August 20-September 17, 2012
Location: Online course
Conducted by:  National Peace Academy
Course Instructors: Stephanie Knox CubbonHannah Renglich
Course fees: $125
NPA Certificate Points: CEUs: 1.4  NPA Course #: NCP22
Spheres of Peace:   personal, ecological

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Imagine if our daily act of eating could contribute to creating a peaceful world! This is the vision of the PeaceMeal Project, which seeks to promote a culture of peace through food. The food system is the human system which is most deeply connected to and dependent on the natural environment. Promoting a culture of peace requires that we develop a right relationship with the ourselves, our communities, and the environment through our production and consumption of food. Through this dynamic online course, we will examine the relationship between food and peace at different levels, from the personal to the global, using various frameworks including culture of peace, food sovereignty and food security. Participants will explore how our daily act of eating is connected to different facets of peace, and reflect on their own place in the food system. We will also diagnose non-peaceful elements of the food system and identify strategies to increase or enhance peace there, and will develop personal strategies to promote peace through food.

Learning Goals

  • Participants will develop increased awareness of their relationship to food and their place in the food system.
  • Participants will make connections between peace and food at all levels, from the personal to the global.
  • Participants will develop strategies and action plans so that they can increase their ability to promote peace through food.
  • Participants will learn skills and practical tools to take back to their organizations and workplaces to foster social and ecological peace.

Core Knowledge
culture of peace, food sovereignty, mindful eating, food security

Core Skills
Reflective thinking, critical thinking, online dialogue, mindfulness

To register for the course and for scholarship information, please visit the NPA’s Registration Page.


National Peacebuilding Peacelearning Certificate Program

A Learning Program for those seeking to Create Positive Change in themselves, their Communities, and the World…
The United States is troubled by the ongoing impacts of multiple wars, faltering housing and financial markets, an ever expanding income gap, soaring energy prices, a homicide rate ten times that of other leading industrial nations, and a prison population that includes 1 in every 100 citizens.  In the face of these struggles, many people are seeking solutions that are just and sustainable, and are seeking transformative pathways that address root causes rather than merely symptoms.  These struggles are being pursued by citizens just like you, people from all walks of life who are seeking opportunities to establish safe, healthy and sustainable communities in which people are able to live with dignity, free from violence, with assurances of the basic requirements of their security.

The National Peacebuilding Peacelearning Certificate Program (NCP)provides opportunities for gaining breadth & depth in peacebuilding and peace education or for just testing the waters.  Students can take one course, sample a few, or pursue a personalized learning journey toward earning a certificate in Peacebuilding and Peacelearning that includes practical experiences for putting learning into action.  Certificate Program courses are available online or as short, in-person intensives and are conducted in partnership with leading educators, universities, and peacebuilding organizations around the country.

Take a moment today to explore our upcoming course offerings and review the Certificate Program Requirements.  You can also find answers to several frequently asked questions here.

8 thoughts on “Online Course

  1. I am a member of a group that holds an annual Celebration for Peace in concert with the UN International Peace Day Sept. 21. So we would like to learn more about your project and in some way incorporate your ideas in what we do.

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  3. Hi Stephanie,

    This is Abbey, I left you a comment on your blog post on peacexpeace site as well. I will email you on above mentioned email to discuss how we can work together and I think we can introduce your idea through universities in Pakistan as well.. I have some ideas we can explore.

    Hi Betty.

    I am leaving a message in same comment, If you can kindly email me at, I would like to explore any collaboration joint efforts for peace with you as well. You can read a bit about my efforts about peace on my
    Stephanie I hope you do not mind me reaching out to Betty from your site. As I mentioned in my comment on your blog entry, i am all for peace and in no shape or form trying to network for any business or money making purposes.



  4. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks so much for getting back to me so fast.. Unfortunately I was about to hit the bed as it is early morning in Pakistan and month of fasting and we started fast a lil while ago and I have not gone to bed yet.. I will email you tomorrow. We can always connect on skype sometimes too if you use that. My Skype ID is ” princessbea911 ” and please also do add Alex as well on skype. Its basically Alex and I who are working on it together so you can always chat with him too. We are on it together. His Skype ID is ” aicprivateltd ” and he is in states so he is online so He can probably chat with you now too.



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