Veuillez les accepter ou modifier vos préférences ici: Dashlane est un gestionnaire de mot de passe qui vous permet de stocker et enregistrer tous vos identifiants de manière sécurisée. Je l’ai installé sur ma distrib Linux, et je vais maintenant faire de la pub parce que Bitwarden mérite vraiment d’être connu. Each new version includes bug fixes and stability improvements to deliver you the best Dashlane experience. Cette dernière est payante une fois mais je sais pas trop si ça vaut le coup Inscrivez-vous à la newsletter Inscription enregistrée Recevez chaque jour le meilleur de l’actualité, sélectionnée et livrée avec 1. Nous innovons en permanence pour vous offrir une sécurité optimale.

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As usual, this release includes bug fixes and other enhancements. On en a besoin sur son ou ses mac s car il n’y a pas à ce jour de lecteur d’empreintes sur mac: Android Applications Android Sécurité Sécurité: Twitter a détecté une faille de sécurité, voici comment changer son mot de passe Smart Devess. Any sensitive information on our servers is only used temporarily and removed right after our servers sent the result back to the application, which is 45 seconds in average to change a password. Dashlane va vous changer la vie.

Initialement, cet article devait être un comparatif de gestionnaires de mots de passe. Concrètement, il y a deux fonctionnalités de Dashlane qui me posent un sérieux problème, tant dans la manière dont elles sont conçues que dans la manière dont elles sont présentées.

dashlane password

La principale fonctionnalité qui pose problème est leur Password Changer. Bien que cette fonctionnalité impressionne, elle présente un sérieux problème de sécurité. En effet, Password Changer se connecte à votre compte depuis nos serveurs et donc depuis un endroit qui est inhabituel, et il est possible que le site identifie cette connexion comme suspecte. Vous ne rêvez pas: Je vous laisse juger par vous-même:. Toutes les informations transmises aux pages Web incluant les questions de sécurité et la double authentification le sont de façon sécurisée, exactement comme si vous vous authentifiiez vous-même avant de changer votre mot de passe manuellement.

Do not trust anything or anyone: Si vous utilisez déjà un gestionnaire de mots de passe, le second point ne sera jamais un problème. Le seul cas où un tel outil pourrait vraiment être utile est quand vous utilisez un gestionnaire de mots de passe pour la première fois et que vous modifiez donc tous vos mots de passe.

Tous les autres sont de petits sites ou des sites complètement inconnus. Bref, pas de quoi casser trois pattes à un canard. Dashlane propose également une fonctionnalité qui permet de partager des mots de passe.

Sécurité : notre sélection des meilleurs gestionnaires de mots de passe

Ce partage possède deux modes: Oui, mais cela dépend du niveau de permission accordé lors du partage de données.

Ci-dessous, vous retrouverez mes échanges de mails commentés avec Dashlane en anglaisque je vous invite vraiment à lire. I have recently started comparing password managers to see which one is currently the best on the market.

While looking into Dashlane, I stumbled upon your Password Changer feature. Would you mind explaining how I should trust the Dashlane team if they think that this is secure? This seems to be the exact opposite of security by design and just begs to be hacked or accessed by a malicious employee. Thank you for contacting us and I hope you are doing well! The passwords being generated by the Password Changer are always generated locally by the Dashlane application, and they are always transmitted securely or encrypted when updating your passwords on Web sites.

All information transmitted to Web pages including security questions and Two-Factor Authentication codes if required by a site is done securely, just as if you were logging into individual websites yourself and changing passwords manually. Note that your passwords — exclusively when using Password Changer — are securely encrypted and transmitted to our servers.


They are only used to update your new password there, and they are not stored anywhere on our servers.

Only Password Changer works like this. All your account data is encrypted using your master password and made unreadable to anyone, even by us. Additionally, any sensitive information on our servers e. Random Access Memory is a volatile type of memory used as a working space and constantly overwritten with other data — their state is also lost or reset when power is removed from the system.

All information is removed from Random Access Memory right after our servers send the result back to the application, which is 45 seconds in average to change a password, or after five minutes if our servers cannot reach your application anymore and confirm that the password was changed during the process. Passwod information is never paesword on our servers.

Only you know your passwords. They are only saved in your Dashlane account, which is protected using your master password and secure AES encryption.

dashlane password

No one has access to your data in your Dashlane account except you – not even us at Dashlane! You can also refer to this article which gives advanced explanations on How Password Changer works. If you would like me to clarify anything else, please let me know. Quelques minutes à peine après avoir communiqué mon feedback, je reçois ceci:. I just want to check on you. Do you need any further assistance? I was able to receive your response using our satisfaction rating tool, and it seems like you are still needed our assistance.

This is how it works: When you request to use the Password Changer, Dashlane is logging in directly to these sites then generate a strong and unique randomly generated password for you and change the password the site on your behalf locally. All passwords being sent over to our servers are all encrypted using your master password and secure AES encryption – a Military Grade Encryption. Additionally, any sensitive information sent over to our servers e.

To my understanding with your feedback is, you do see a problem with this process. Do you mind providing with us with additional details? Agacé, je réponds donc ceci:. Well yes, I am dissatisfied with your response and this one unfortunately fed my dissatisfaction even further.

You are, yet again, throwing all kinds of buzzwords around and speaking of unrelated things.

Sécurité : notre sélection des meilleurs gestionnaires de mots de passe – FrAndroid

The point is pasword when using the Password Changer, user passwords are at some point accessible to Dashlane and anyone who has access to the servers that handle the password change in itself, be it employees or a potential hacker.

This is the opposite of security by design, which is what a password manager should always adhere to. To better assist you with your inquiry, I will be escalating your concern to a higher level of support. I appreciate your patience about this inquiry, pqssword assured that we will do our best to meet your expectations. Thank you for your patience. I am Edgar from the Dashlane technical support team and I am here to help you.

I can confirm that the passwords that are changed using Password Changer are indeed updated using our servers and not locally by the application. The reason why we designed this is to enable multiple passwords to be changed in seconds, which would be less reliable if your computer had to do it, considering many of our users also use mobile devices or may have a bad Internet connection.


Our team is aware that it would be much better to do everything locally, and we plan to work on improving Password Changer in the future to offer a reliable and quick way to change all your passwords locally in seconds. Unfortunately, the tests we ran for this were not satisfactory enough in terms of performance and reliability and this is why we chose this intermediary solution, which is using one of our servers and working on offering the best security. Because of this, I can confirm that the Dashlane servers have temporarily access to your current password and the newly password to sign in to the site and change the password there using Password Changer.

We designed this feature with security in mind, and detailed in our documentation on Password Changerthis information is securely transmitted and use a separate server infrastructure, as well as dedicated instances and distinct security groups.

Any sensitive information on our servers is only used temporarily dashllane removed right fashlane our servers sent the result back to the application, which is 45 seconds in average dashlanw change a password. Your passwords are never stored on our servers.

dashlane password

If you have any other questions related to this feature or would like me to clarify anything else, please let me know. You should just have gone without a password changer while you took dashlanr time to find a way to make it work locally. This is bound to passdord wrong at some point or another. I would suggest disabling Password Changer while you find a solution that works locally. I also believe part of your password sharing feature needs changing.

All the person needs to do is go to the website the password was shared for, open their inspector, log in and check out the paswsord in the network tab.

They can also just change the password field into a text field and view it directly in there.

N’oubliez plus jamais un seul mot de passe

Given this, my first suggestion is to change the FAQ to make this clear to your users while you work on my second suggestion, which is allowing people to view passwords even if they were shared with limited rights, in order to avoid any ambiguity.

I also think your full-rights sharing needs tweaking, because it just seems weird to me that a person with whom a password was shared would be able to revoke the access of the person who shared it with them, no matter their rights. The only case where this would be normal is a password transfer, so perhaps you could implement something that allows people passwird transfer passwords to another user directly and remove that part from the password sharer.

I have read and understand you point of view. I will pass passworf your feedback on to the team for them to be aware of the risks you mention with the Password Changer and Sharing features and see what can be done.

Merci d’avoir pris le temps de lire cet article. Si vous l’appréciez, n’hésitez pas à le partager autour de vous.

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