Intense Aromas Lead To Smaller Bites

by Nancy Shute

The stronger the aroma, the more likely you are to take a smaller bite, researchers found.

We’ve known for a while that a food’s aroma has a big influence on our perception of how it tastes. Now it looks like smell also can affect how much we eat.

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Today’s post is a postcard kind of image, a little feast for the eyes as spring begins to blossom all around us in Southern Ontario.  This salad is partially harvested and partially foraged (queen anne’s lace/wild carrot and purple clover, both salty from growing very near the Atlantic Ocean), and I hope will bring you a bit of light and happiness wherever you may be reading.

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Canadian Right to Food Trial

March 5-9 2012 in Calgary, Alberta

The decision of the trial judge will impact 35 million Canadians.
The CR2FT originated with a bylaw infraction for the possession of urban chickens in Calgary, Alberta. It has since evolved and morphed into a complex legal argument involving such issues as :
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Ten Mindful Eating Tips

  One of the most important ways we can practice inner peace is through the way we eat. If we are lucky enough to eat several times a day, we have numerous opportunities to use eating as a way to bring us to the present moment, to practice gratitude, and realize our deep connection with all of life.

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Welcome to the PeaceMeal Project!

Welcome to the PeaceMeal Project! This is our new web page, so please bear with us as we get content up.

The overall mission of the PeaceMeal Project is to explore the connections between peace and food. Our project will take many forms, including:

  • Workshops
  • Online courses
  • A collaborative writing project of articles, essays, recipes, photos, poems and other creative pieces
  • Much more!

We hope you will join us in promoting a culture of peace through food!