Letter Home from an Agrarian Journeyman in Australia

Dear Friends,

After spending a few months in Brisbane, Australia, getting to know some people in the food movement here, I’d like to share my experience and analysis with interested people in Canada. I have been WWOOFing to a number of farms and come across different parts of the distribution system of the city. Mostly I am interested in organic food, and co-operative, local food distribution systems that circumvent the national retailers.

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Food Aid and Rockets

I heard a very thought-provoking and PeaceMeal-related story on NPR this morning, about how the US has stopped food aid to North Korea in light of today’s failed missle test.

Here’s the story in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The White House press secretary Jay Carney was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald article as saying, ”North Korea is only further isolating itself by engaging in provocative acts and is wasting its money on weapons and propaganda displays while the North Korean people go hungry.”

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Graces, Prayers, Blessings on the Meal

I’ve been recently thinking about how closely tied almost every culture is to both gratitude and peacefulness through food. This takes places through the practice of taking a pause before eating, whether to speak a grace or blessing aloud, or to quietly reflect and give thanks.

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A Tale of Two Peace Meal Projects

Guest Blog by Elizabeth Mac
Founder and Director
The Peace Meal Project, Boulder, CO

Hello Friends,

I am the Director of  The Peace Meal Project in Boulder, Colorado. Through a series of serendipitous events, I had the great pleasure of connecting with Stephanie and Hannah of this PeaceMeal Project.

Two organizations.  Different locations.  Similar names.  Similar missions.

And, now, partners in peace.

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Today’s post is a postcard kind of image, a little feast for the eyes as spring begins to blossom all around us in Southern Ontario.  This salad is partially harvested and partially foraged (queen anne’s lace/wild carrot and purple clover, both salty from growing very near the Atlantic Ocean), and I hope will bring you a bit of light and happiness wherever you may be reading.

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Canadian Right to Food Trial

March 5-9 2012 in Calgary, Alberta

The decision of the trial judge will impact 35 million Canadians.
The CR2FT originated with a bylaw infraction for the possession of urban chickens in Calgary, Alberta. It has since evolved and morphed into a complex legal argument involving such issues as :
A) The jurisdiction of a municipality to determine what we consume. Continue reading

Ten Mindful Eating Tips

  One of the most important ways we can practice inner peace is through the way we eat. If we are lucky enough to eat several times a day, we have numerous opportunities to use eating as a way to bring us to the present moment, to practice gratitude, and realize our deep connection with all of life.

There are many simple ways that we can begin to practice mindful eating. Continue reading