Eating in Wonder

Ever sat in front of a cup of coffee and gazed deeply into it?  I mean, really deeply – seeing past its colour and texture and aroma all the way back to the red coffee cherries and the work-roughened hands that moved them from tree to basket, all the way back to the lake from where the water originated, all the way back to the field or barn where the cow stood which lactated for your morning pick-me-up?

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Ten Mindful Eating Tips

  One of the most important ways we can practice inner peace is through the way we eat. If we are lucky enough to eat several times a day, we have numerous opportunities to use eating as a way to bring us to the present moment, to practice gratitude, and realize our deep connection with all of life.

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The Five Contemplations

These are the Five Contemplations by Thich Nhat Hanh, which are said before meals. The practice of reciting these contemplations before eating is a way to foster mindful eating, and helps to promote inner peace through food. Continue reading