A Cupcakey Afternoon

Photos and Text: Daryl Dano

Voices of little girls echoed in the living room, sounding more like competition to beat each other’s scores over a Play Station game than preparing to bake cupcakes. But when a mum came into the room and told them they were about to start, they immediately dropped the gadget and zoomed into the kitchen like Flash would race to the end of the universe.

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Letter Home from an Agrarian Journeyman in Australia

Dear Friends,

After spending a few months in Brisbane, Australia, getting to know some people in the food movement here, I’d like to share my experience and analysis with interested people in Canada. I have been WWOOFing to a number of farms and come across different parts of the distribution system of the city. Mostly I am interested in organic food, and co-operative, local food distribution systems that circumvent the national retailers.

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Why I Like Food


My name is John Hallett and I live in Boulder, Colorado, though I am originally from the great combo-state of Minnesconsin (born in St. Paul, MN; raised in Appleton, WI). I will be contributing to the PeaceMeal Project because I thoroughly appreciate geographically-distant collaboration and I’m convinced that I will spend my life engaging with food and peace across scales, so it seemed fitting.

Why I like food…

I eat food. Everyday, without fail, I consume calories that at some point or another were produced by the sun and the earth and the agriculture that has developed over the millennia. Continue reading