PeaceMeal Launches at the National Peace Academy Conference

Last weekend we traveled to Boulder Colorado for the National Peace Academy Peacelearning Conference on Ecological Peace. Aside from wanting to simply connect with other peacemakers to share ideas and get inspired, we also went to launch a new project. After many months of pondering, plotting and “peacing” things together, on February 19, the PeaceMeal Project was officially born. Continue reading

Buddhist Gathas for Food and Water

Looking at Your Empty Bowl
My bowl, empty now,
will be filled with precious food.
Beings all over the Earth are struggling to live.
How fortunate I am to have enough to eat. 

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Non-Violent Agriculture

Farmer and Volunteer at Bija Vidyapeeth, Navdanya’s Biodiversity Conservation Farm July 2010

Vandana Shiva on Sustaining India’s Agriculture

Environmental activist Vandana Shiva has been working to build an organic agriculture movement across India for the past 22 years through the Navdanya Trust, an organization that she founded and directs. She recently spoke with Worldwatch India Fellow Anna da Costa about the connections between sustainable agriculture, climate change, and poverty alleviation. Continue reading