Partners in Peace

Here are some folks that we’re collaborating with who are doing great work to promote peace through food:

National Peace Academy

The National Peace Academy Peacelearning Conference in Boulder, Colorado served as the official launchpad of the PeaceMeal Project. Stay tuned for a PeaceMeal online course offered through the NPA Certificate Program – details to follow!

Joel Robison Photography

Joel is responsible for the lovely shots of food-related peace signs on display throughout this web site. We are very grateful to Joel for his participation, which gives this project a new dimension through visual beauty. Please check out Joel’s work through his facebook page!

Peacemeal Project – Boulder, Colorado

We had the opportunity to meet with Liz, the Director of Peacemeal Project in Boulder, while we were at the NPA conference. Peacemeal Project holds monthly dinners that raise money and take action for humanity causes around the world. Check their web site for details

Become a Partner in PeaceMeal

Please email and if you would like to get involved!

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