Welcome to PeaceMeal! This is our new web page, so thanks for your patience as we add content.

The overall mission of the PeaceMeal Project is to explore the connections between peace and food. This project will take many forms, including:

  • Workshops
  • Online courses
  • A collaborative writing project of articles, essays, recipes, photos, poems and other creative pieces
  • Partnerships with other peace and food organizations
  • And much more!

We hope you will join us in promoting a culture of peace through food.

Who are we?

Hannah and Steph met while studying at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. They were delighted to discover that they have many things in common, including music, peace, food and writing. PeaceMeal was a logical outcome of their mutual passions.

Initially PeaceMeal was conceived to be a collaborative writing project, an anthology, a stone soup of stories, a potluck of tales relating to peace and food. After further discussion, they realized how many forms PeaceMeal could take – and the project was born.

Our first official collaboration partner is the PeaceMeal official photographer, Joel Robison. He custom designed the photo on the header, and is responsible for much of the beautiful photography you see on these pages. Please check our more of his work on his Facebook page. Also check out his Peaceful Food set on Flickr. Thanks Joel!!! 🙂

PeaceMeal is in its early stages, and there is lots of room for growth and direction. Collaborators and co-creators are most welcome on this adventure!

Hannah and Steph in Boulder after the NPA Peacelearning Conference

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