PeaceMeal Challenge: Thankful Thursday and Farmer Friday

We were so busy getting ready for the PeacMeal course which starts on MONDAY that we forgot to send our daily countdown challenge yesterday! However, it’s something you can practice every day, so we’ll just include it today!

Thankful Thursday

Be thankful for your food! It’s simple, but we often forget how lucky we are to be eating. Contemplating the source of your food and all the effort that it took for it to get to your plate can be a powerful practice for cultivating inner peace, and can also help us to make better decisions for ourselves, our communities, and the environment.

Farmer Friday

Connecting to gratitude, we can appreciate all of the farmers who work hard to get us the food on our plates. What are some ways we can do this? Visit a farmer’s market this weekend – better yet, visit a local farm and meet your farmers! Many farms offer tours and have volunteer opportunities. Try to learn more about your local farms and how you can get fresh, locally grown produce in your area. Keep your farmers in mind today and think of ways that you can connect to them and cultivate peace on many levels.

Just THREE days to go until our PeaceMeal online course begins – please join us!

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