PeaceMeal Challenge: Tasty Tuesday

With our online course with National Peace Academy just one week away, we are offering you a challenge each day to help inspire some PeaceMeals in your life!

Today’s Challenge: Tasty Tuesday

So often we eat with a multitude of distractions, in front of the TV or computer, completely unaware of the food we are eating. Building on yesterday’s theme of Mindful Monday, we encourage you to get even more specific and taste your food!

Take one food item and eat it slowly, savoring each bite. To inspire you, try this raisin meditation guided by Jon Kabat-Zinn. If you don’t like raisins or don’t have one on hand, any small food item will do:

Enjoy, and savor each bite!

2 thoughts on “PeaceMeal Challenge: Tasty Tuesday

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