Food for Thought: Breakfast Energy Crisis

An interesting infographic entitled “When We Eat Matters” from Massive Health stimulated some discussion in the PeaceMeal community this week.

The infographic asserts that for many of us, breakfast is the healthiest meal we eat all day, and as the day goes on, we are more likely to eat unhealthy items like chips, soda, etc. It also talks about how having a good breakfast jump-starts our day, and sets us up for better eating patterns throughout the day, such as making healthier choices and eating smaller portions.

Check out the infographic -do you agree?

Personally, I have always thought breakfast was important – something I attribute to a Dr. J (Julius Erving, the basketball great) public service announcement that was on TV during the 80s. For some reason, this PSA really stuck with me, and got me into the habit of eating breakfast at a young age.

Thanks to the glories of YouTube, I was able to find the PSA here. Memories!

While I would disagree with Dr. J. that bacon is a good choice to get you going in the morning, I love this idea of “breakfast energy crisis” and think it has connections to peace. If we don’t give ourselves energy in the morning, might we be more likely to be irritable later – perhaps becoming frustrated in traffic, or more likely to snap at someone. I know that I personally feel less tolerant if I haven’t eaten properly and adequately. Thus eating a good, healthy breakfast can help us be more peaceful – to ourselves, and to those we interact with throughout the day.

Check out the other infographics from Massive Health – lots of food for thought there!

(Thanks to MindBodyGreen for sharing this infographic!)

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