PeaceMeal Live in Toronto!

Join PeaceMeal for a 4-day in-person workshop at the University of Toronto’s Transformative Learning Centre!

For details and registration, please visit:

When: Monday, June 18 to Thursday, June 21

Time: 10am-3pm (daily)

Where: Transformative Learning Centre, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Who: facilitated by Hannah Renglich and Stephanie Knox Cubbon of PeaceMeal

Description: Imagine if our daily act of eating could contribute to creating a peaceful world – this is the vision of the PeaceMeal Project, which seeks to promote a culture of peace through food. The food system is the human system which is most deeply connected to and dependent on the natural environment. Promoting a culture of peace requires that we develop a right relationship with the environment through our production and consumption of food. Through this interactive and participatory workshop, we will examine the relationship between food and peace at different levels, from the personal to the global, using various frameworks including culture of peace, food sovereignty and food security. Using creative activities, dialogue, and self-reflection exercises, participants will explore how our daily act of eating is connected to different facets of peace, and reflect on their own place in the food system. We will also diagnose non-peaceful elements of the food system and identify strategies to increase or enhance peace there. Throughout this workshop, participants will develop skills in mindful eating, critical and reflective thinking, and analysis using the aforementioned frameworks. Participants will leave the workshop with possible action items and strategies that they can take to increase peace through food in their lives and communities, and will also be invited to participate in the PeaceMeal Project.

Hope to see you there!


Stephanie Knox Cubbon is a peace educator and yoga teacher based in San Diego, and is the Co-creator of the PeaceMeal Project. She is a member of the National Peace Academy (US) Edulearner faculty and has served as the Teachers Without Borders Peace Education Program Coordinator. She has worked extensively in education internationally, including as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger and an English teaching in Japan, and has additional teaching experience in environmental education. A graduate of the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, she strives to promote peace in all areas of her life, and to empower and encoruage others to live peacefully through education.

Hannah Renglich coordinates the Ontario-based Local Organic Food Co-ops Network, Canada’s only association of food and farming co-operatives. She is also a co-creator of the PeaceMeal Project.  Her interests in community building and environmental justice led Hannah to a degree in Natural Resources and Peace at the University for Peace, where she focused her studies on food sovereignty. This led her to India, where she wrote a manual on urban agriculture for major urban centres, and participated in community seed-saving initiatives through the network of farmers under Dr. Vandana Shiva’s organization, Navdanya. She has also explored her passions on farms in Canada and the U.S., and has worked with several food security organizations in Toronto including FoodShare and The Stop Community Food Centre.

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