Peace Songs and Hamantaschen Recipes

Last week I visited two friends to help them do a bit of packing for an impending move.  After only a couple of hours of wrapping dishware and bundling afghans into bags and then boxes, I was sent out into the day with thanks, two recipes for Hamantaschen (traditionally prepared and eaten for the Jewish holiday, Purim) and a book of songs called “Rise Up Singing,” inside of which live many songs about peace, and even more songs about agriculture!

I was thoroughly delighted to have been gifted with two things so directly related to PeaceMeal, and have been slowly redeveloping my guitar-playing calluses as well as delighting friends and neighbours with freshly-baked Hamantaschen (slightly modified from the recipe to be spelt-based, with a jam filling instead of poppy seed).  It seems the deeper we delve into our project, the more prevalent the ideas of cultivating peace through food seem to be in the world around us.  Here’s a great example from the side of a bus in Boulder, spotted just after giving our first PeaceMeal workshop:

Have you noticed anything recently that brought your attention to peace or to food?

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