Peace and Food Postcards

I love stationery (you can read about my love of stationery on my other blog, My Year of Letters 🙂

Today I found some GREAT peace and food postcards at my local stationery shop:

And this one:

On both counts, I wholeheartedly agree!

I’m sending them out as part of my Postcrossing project (related to My Year of Letters), but I already have a feeling I’ll have to send more.

We at the PeaceMeal Project love postcards – and postcards can be a great learning tool! At our workshop at the National Peace Academy conference, we had participants write postcards to themselves, using our “logo” image taken by Joel Robison. Participants wrote notes to themselves – something they learned, or enjoyed, or a commitment relating to peace and food that they wanted to make – and we will be sending those back to them at some random point in the future.

With my Postcrossing hobby, I always try to use the opportunity to send messages of peace and friendship to random strangers. All the better that they can be messages of peace involving food 🙂

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